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From this page, you can download all the necessary files needed for your puppy plan.


Arrow Breeder Manuals & Check Lists

PDF-icon  Breeder Manual – English           PDF-icon  Breeder Check list

PDF-icon  Manwal tal-Breeder – Maltese    PDF-icon  Lista ta’ Kontroll

PDF-icon SAMPLE Breeder Checklist           PDF-icon  SAMPLE Puppy Journal


Arrow New Owner Manuals & Check Lists

PDF-icon  New Owner Manual – English           PDF-icon  New Owner Check List

PDF-icon  Manwal tas-Sid – Maltese               PDF-icon  Lista ta’ Kontroll


Arrow Habituation sounds for the puppies to listen to

Folder-icon Animal Sounds     ( A folder containing  a variety of dog and cat sounds )

Folder-icon Baby Sounds     ( A variety of baby sounds for your dog to learn to be familiar with babies )

Folder-icon Grooming     ( Help your puppy get used to showers, bathroom doors and deodorant sprays )

Folder-icon Household Sounds  ( A variety of household sounds for the puppy not be scared of )

Folder-icon Human Sounds  ( Humans are loud ; let’s teach the puppies to be used to our sounds )

Folder-icon Music  ( Appreciating good music starts at a young age… even for dogs !  )

Folder-icon Nature  ( A first taste to the natural sounds the pups will hear outdoors  )

Folder-icon Public Places  ( Sounds heard in public places which the puppies need not fear  )

Folder-icon Scary Stuff  ( Better get the puppies used to loud sirens ,alarms and horns…  )

Folder-icon Transportation  ( Let’s teach our pups not to fear cars, traffic, planes…etc  )

Folder-icon Workshop Sounds  ( Machinery sounds can be scary, better get the pups used to them  )








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