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Throughout the ‘Puppy Plan’ campaign, Dogs Trust Malta will be organizing a number of seminars to address various issues related to the Puppy Plan. Different seminars cater for Breeders, Potential pet owners and/or carers, and cover a variety of very interesting topics, aimed at helping both Breeders and New Owners to raise, take care of and train their puppies to be the best domestic dogs there could be.


UPDATED on Monday 27th January 2014

Dogs Trust and the UK Kennel Club have come together, to launch a unique new initiative that aims to give every puppy the very best start in life – The Puppy Plan. Dogs Trust Malta and SPCA Malta are now bringing The Puppy Plan to the MalteseIslands with the endorsement of The Malta Kennel Club, the Maltese National Canine Federation and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Welfare.

The Puppy Plan is an easy to follow, step-by-step socialisation programme for young dogs that the early caregiver can start and can be carried on by the new owners once they go to their new homes. This molds the puppy into a well behaved and calmer dog, thus healthier, ready to face the challenges and frustration of daily life. By implementing The Puppy Plan you will notice a reduction in return dogs, add value and desirability to your puppies, and help in reducing demand for backyard breeder puppies. Dogs Trust Malta will be organising a free seminar who’s speakers include Paula Boyden, Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, Steve Goward Dogs Trust Deputy Head of Canine Behaviour & Training and Christina Pace, Dogs Trust Malta PR & Education Officer.

This will be the last chance to learn about the initiative before it is launched to the public when owners who buy puppies that have been through The Puppy Plan will be eligible to 1 year free pet insurance upon presentation of The Puppy Plan journal. The same seminar will be held at the William Shakespeare Suite at the Victoria Hotel, Sliema on two different dates to allow availability to all, and workshops will be held on one of the mornings for those who wish to attend.

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At the end of the seminar you will receive a free starter pack, certificate of attendance and an information pack with video tutorial, breeder and new owner manuals and case study journal. You will also benefit from free complementary parking, 15% discounted from your food and beverage bill at The Penny Black Bar on the dates of the seminar and complementary alcoholic beverages served at the end of the seminars.

If you would like to attend the seminar please call Dogs Trust Malta on 21421500 to give us your details or email

All applications must be submitted by Sunday 9th February 2014.


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Arrow Power Point Presentations from the 1st Breeders’ Seminar

Folder-icon Intro     ( Introduction to the 1st Breeders’ Seminar )

Folder-icon Breeding Genetics    ( A Presentation about Breeding Genetics )

Folder-icon Nutrition     ( Information about the necessary nutrition for a healthy mother and litter )

Folder-icon Pet Insurance     ( A presentation about All Care Insurance’s Pet Insurance policy )

Folder-icon Weeks 1 & 2  ( Weeks 1 & 2 of the Puppy Plan presented by Christina Pace )

Folder-icon Week 3  ( Week 3 of the Puppy Plan presented by Christina Pace )

Folder-icon Week 4   ( Week 4  of the Puppy Plan presented by Christina Pace )

Folder-icon Weeks 5, 6 & 7   ( Weeks 5, 6 & 7 of the Puppy Plan presented by Christina Pace )






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